About Me

Hi, my name is Lillian but everyone just calls me Lil.

As the introduction says on the front page, I’m an artist, organic gardener, plant junkie, photographer, writer & Stick Horse Maker.

I was the Department Head of the Blain's Farm & Fleet Garden Center for 8 years until they closed it in 2015.

Me & My Garden Center at F&F

I live in north central Illinois in a little house on the edge of the woods with my husband and two of my four grown children. In my spare time you can find me outside playing in the garden or taking pictures of my flowers or the local wildlife for my blogs~ and for eight wonderful years I had my dream job of running the garden center at Blain’s Farm and Fleet.

I grew up a military brat and spent most of my young life in beautiful Hawaii and afterwards, short stints in Utah, Oregon & California. My favorite memories are playing in the ocean and camping and hiking in the rocky mountains.

My first horse

Along the way I discovered horses and spent my childhood drawing, reading and learning everything about them. I spent countless hours outdoors, imagining, pretending and creating ways to ride~ from constructing my own sock stick horse herd, to my grandfather’s wooden saw horse with a pillow for a saddle. Then came real horses and finally my own little Quarter horse.
Those were the days!

Okay, back to now…

Did I mention I am an artist? A photographer? A writer?
Oh yeah, I guess I did…

I’ve been drawing, painting, writing stories and taking pictures for as long as I can remember.

I never had any formal training in the arts. Just lots of books and practice.

The stick horses kind of happened by accident.


The early heard

You’ve heard of the expression: To build a better mousetrap? Well, since I was little, I was always trying to make a better stick horse. Old socks, stuffing, felt, markers, glue and masking tape- I was constantly creating new equine friends – almost every young memory I have, I was on a stick horse!

Heather's stick horse Pinto

Heather & Pinto

Okay, back on track again and fast forward to when my own little girl wanted a stick horse,  I didn’t like what was available in the stores then, and sticking to that Build a Better Stick Horse thing… I drew up a pattern, cut it out and sewed it together (oh, did I mention I like to sew too?) anyway, what I came up with isn’t too far off from what I sell in my Etsy shop today. Same pattern with a few little tweaks here and there, you know, that better thing?

Hard to believe how fast the years passed since I opened my first Etsy shop in 2010… and I ‘m still having fun!

Well, now that you know a little bit about me, I’d love to hear from you!

You can like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and say “Hi!”
Feel free to browse my shops and blogs. In fact, grab a cup of coffee and visit my blog: LilsGardenTour.com . That one will keep you busy for hours!
Thanks for visiting!


I’d love to know how the stick horses are doing in their new homes!
If you wish to share your photos, you may upload them to my Facebook.

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