Handmade Stick Horses

No Batteries Needed! Just An Active Imagination!  

Did you know? Stick horses help stimulate the imagination and cause spontaneous exercise… all without batteries?
Imagine your little one, romping around the yard (or living room), burning up all that stored energy!

Handmade stick horses are for indoor & outdoor play and make wonderful, memorable gifts for Birthday, Easter, Christmas or just because!

Stick Horses are Made to Order are hand crafted from my original design and sewn individually, both by hand and by sewing machine and come in lots of colors, both traditional horse colors and fun prints.
You may also order without the stick so you may add your own. Simple instructions to attach your own stick will be included with Stick Horse Head Only Purchases, or you may refer to the tutorials

(attaching stick is easy ~ see links to Zip Tie tutorial & demo video ).

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LIL’S GARDEN STICK HORSES are hand crafted, from my original design and sewn individually, both by hand and by machine, so any stripe, spot,  fabric pattern and head shape may vary slightly from the one in this photo, but yours will be just as cute, I promise!

The ribbon bridle is removable and you may choose any color from the other horses for bridle color. Leave a note in the “Note to Seller” box with your choice at check out or message me right away.

STICK HORSE MATERIALS  (materials sourced locally):

  • cotton fabric
  • acrylic yarn mane
  • grosgrain ribbon bridle
  • black plastic safety eyes
  • non-allergenic polyester fiber fill
  • Stick, if ordered, is a wooden dowel rod.

I  suggest a 1″ x 36″ wooden dowel rod for your stick, but you can use a broomstick cut to fit (Dowel rods and extra Zip Ties can be found at most hardware and craft stores).


  • Stick Horse Head  13”, from nose to end of neck.
  • Stick Horse with regular 36” stick – roughly 39”
  • Stick Horse with short 30” stick – roughly 36”



  • 30″ SHORT STICK~ works well for ages 3- 4 ~ especially with supervision as they are still mastering the art of walking
  • 36″ REGULAR STICK~ works well for ages 5 and up.
  • The stick is an unfinished 1″ X 36″ or 30″ hardwood dowel rod.
  • it’s color is a very light beige or natural in color and will be sanded.
  • A neck band of ribbon will be added to stick orders.

*CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS before you order.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions or give you an estimate on large quantities or shipping! Please include Zip code in your message for shipping estimates..

See Shipping & Polices page for more shipping information.


DEMO VIDEO on adding the stick can be found here:

Add the Stick Demo Video



  • As always, Please Supervise you child at all times while they are mastering the art of Stick Horse Riding.
  • Recommended for children 3 -4  years of age and over because of the plastic eyes and loose ribbon reins.
  • Each monitor varies in display of color so please read the color description.


P.S. PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL AGAIN WITHIN 24 HOURS in case I have a question about your order. This is our only form of communication.

Thank you 🙂


All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2010-17 by Lillian Davis ~ LilsGarden.net

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