Illustration & Photography

nap timeDid I mention I love to draw and take pictures?

Well, drawing is actually my first love (next to horses. My first love is horses).

I’ve been drawing & painting since I can remember, horses mostly and wildlife, fantasy and more recently characters for my stories. I’ve never had any formal training so you can say I’m self taught.

You can find some of my art and illustrations on my Flying Appy Studio sites:

These sites are still works in progress as I’m continually tweaking and adding things.

As for Photography, I’ve always been a shutterbug, beginning with the little film cameras (110’s and 35mm) and photographing my animals, friends and landscapes. I fell in love with the ease of the Digital cameras, and finally working my way up to a Sony Alpha a230 DSLR, which I love!

Closeup botanical are becoming my favorite subject and me being a gardener as well, I have endless models. Landscapes and the local wildlife are my second.

If you Visit my gardening Blog, you’ll see what I mean: Firey corn

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