Bandana and Spring Ponies

Here’s a couple more fun color stick horses. The mane on the red bandana one right now is black and white, but I think I will offer it in red and black or just plain red also.

I also get a lot of requests for green horses, but most of the ones I have are fairly dark, so here is a springy, lighter green with flowers.


Traveling Horses

Off to California and Washington!

Haven’t posted outgoing orders in a while so thought it would be nice to share these three.

The two girly ones are headed to California and the sorrel is off to Washington state.

Happy riding to the new owners!

All are available for sale on my Etsy Here!

Add a Stick Tutorial… in Pictures

So your new Stick horse head just arrived and you’re all set to add the stick, but if you’re anything like me, written instruction don’t do a thing for you. You, like me, are a “learn by seeing” kind of person.

Well, never fear, I put together a photo tutorial with big pictures showing you how to attach the Zip Tie to your horse head and stick. Go here to check it out: Add the stick Tutorial. 

If you like this or think it needs to be a little clearer, leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you!